5 Jan 2010

Failing to surprise

It is no surprise, or at least it should not be a surprise, to find that the police dunceys have failed miserably in gaining (or keeping) the public’s trust.

The abysmal failure of the dunceys to successfully detect and solve crimes one factor. The attitude of these bastaads guardians of peace is another factor. Corruption, laziness… well, the list never really ends, does it?

This article failed to even surprise me this morning. That a coroner told the senior dunceys to get legal representation might be an indicator that even she believes the witness has some truth to her claims.

She [Erica John] insisted that what was written in her statement (that she could not identify the shooter) was inserted by the police.

Coroner Nalini Singh:

"Jivonne John and his mother, Erica John, went to the police station and told you what the police had done. They said they would be able to identify the shooter. "You told them it would not be included in their statement. They were of the firm belief of what they told you and which is not in their statements.

"In fact, it is the complete opposite. Your interest is now being affected. "This is not a pre-determination of the matter. What the witnesses are saying are that you tried to prevent them from giving the evidence, and to prevent them from saying what they had seen."

The question is, what charges will arise out of this inquest? I am keeping an eye out on this one.