14 Jan 2010

Fair chance fuh UDECOTT, meh foot!

Well, I too was having a little break from blogging and surfing arong on dee net. Buh boy, Jumbie pass meh a link to a letter in the Guardian 2010-01-13. Well nah, Jumbie gave a measured response. Buh dee dohtishness of the letter itself was more than I could bear. Ah couldn’t take it no more! Well I half-expectin’ dee guardian to remove dee response – so I copyin’ it here.

Yuh eyes wide shut!

Well said and done Jumbie! You know it have deese people arong, who doz go 'I doh pretend to know.. blah blah blah' - as eef tuh say we should forgive dey ignorance and because there is such a camaraderie among the ignorant. Well ah glad you send a clear message to doz types. I want to add to it.. but have a few minutes to was'e today.

In reality it is the business and responsibility of each citizen or other involved person in T&T to appraise demselves of the issues before opening dey trap and pretendin' dis or claimin' dat - and sayin' how dey limited to understaaan etc.

A few things are clear to me:
1. UDECOTT is special company - an independent legal entity - and Calder Hart took pains to make everyone aware of that.
2. The State has a special relationship with that Company.
3. Whilst UDECOTT has responsibilities to deliver the benefits intended by the State, the State cannot and should never, leave UDECOTT to it's own devices - wid wee morney (aka money)!!
4. The responsibilities rest heavier on the State especially where the State sets up a special Company and gives it a 'cheque book' for we taxpayers morney! Come nah man - doh make fun wid dis.

Leh we doh dig up the numerous failures of large company's and multinationals arong the globe.. yuh could start 20 years ago eef yuh want with Exxon... and I eh have time to gih you a whole list. [And no - ah eh saying Exxon was the same or similar to UDECOTT]. Dee main point here is that large and powerful companies need topclass regulation - did UDECOTT benefit from dat? Well start readin' up the transcrips from dee inquiry website nah. Was such regulation adequate when matched against the core issues in the Inquiry?

Fair chance to country's leaders? What leaders? Yuh mean dee people allyuh put in power? Look doh make meh laugh here nah. Dem is dee kinda people allyuh put in power? Dee author of dat letter appears to be a hypnotised PNM supporter afflicted by 'automatic obedience' - totally brainwashed! And while we on 'responsibility', who responsibile fuh putting dem types in power? I's you..you .. and you!! The electorate! So is allyuh tuh blame for dis whole UDECOTT nonsense and the state the country in at the moment.

We back to dee late 80's when the country's money was being siphoned off big time to USA (and guess what, nobody cyah prove it to the satisfaction of a competent court, so allyuh blood sweat and tears have a few people on exotic beaches sippin' pina coladas, while is ketch ass for allyuh wid third world services and mo' bobol left, right and centre - nah ah eh mincing no words hear today). And look what chupidness I readin' in dee papers nah, bout giving UDECOTT a fair chance - Oh gord man! UDECOTT and it's people have had mo' dan a fair chance - dey had a fat chance. Instead dey take allyuh money and spend it like nobody business in dee courts, fighting and biting at they system designed to give dem the fair chance. Like you eh read how dey try to 'take out' Uff from dee equation or what? Den dey had to back off when Mira Dead tell dem like it is! Open yuh eye nah!

Ah must thank the editor for publishing such a dohtish letter - it adds to my stash of evidence for how dohtish dee average Trinbagonian is!