1 Jan 2010

Inside the Captain’s Cove

As some may have figured, the Captain works hard and plays hard - and of course IT is one of my favourite hobbies.

And when the Captain needs to chill like totally, this is where I go. No questions please - it's classified - but these photos are approved releases. Now you see that beach? It look jes like dat. Ahm dis is nuthin yuh could find in Mayaro and Tobago – dey get pass out long time. Um dis is like where Kofi Anan and Bill Clinton might be seen wandering when, like me, dey need to chillax!! LOL.

[Fuh those who eh know, yuh click and drag dee slider.. then click and drag the pictcha]

And yuh see dat pool dey – boy dat water real nice.  Um.. er.. no gyangs, gun totting psychopaths, or stray penis in deese areas - allyuh know the Captain doh hang in dem kinda areas! OMG.

Well this starts me off in the right mood for 2010. It’s gonna be sipping pina coladas this year! Wish me bon voyage!