30 Jan 2010

Jury rubbished and struck off!

Yep. Dis is on Dongkey Rock of course. Newsday 2010-01-30 reported that Volney J, lost his cool with a jury after dey delivered a not-guilty verdict in the murder trial of Sheldon Mohammed and Tricia Flemming.

Volney J, reportedly said:

..before I discharge this jury, I wish to say that I entirely disagree with your verdict…

…in all of my 16 years on the Bench, I have never seen a case where the evidence is so clear, and you 12 persons have returned a verdict so perverse and contrary to the evidence.

I will therefore direct the Registrar to have each of your names be struck off the roll of jurors for the next 15 years…

Boy dem jurors muz have been punchin’ dee air, well away from dee court!! Ah mean really, put yuhself in dem position. You find anybody guilty or murder dong dey, and you is a marked man or uman.. yuh days numbered eh. Somebody tell meh a lie quick quick.

Ah mean a cyah blame Volney fuh loosin’ he rag (as dey might say up dis side). But on dee odda hand – not dat dey right – you have to see dee difficulty of dee jurors role on dat godforesaken rock. Well I doh know fuh sure.. but is eida dey tremendously mo’ dunecy dan Volney J – which not hard tuh imagine – or dey minds were bent by somet’ing – fear perhaps? Leh we hope in dis case it was simply ah mass attack of dunciness dat affected dem.