8 Jan 2010

Peter’s Web

I came across a small independent film series yesterday while browsing the ‘web’. A fan, Roger King has made 6 films of Spiderman.
Peters Web is a 6 part live action Spider-Man film series written and directed by Roger King. All six films are in continuity with each other and cover a wide array of actual story lines from an arrangement of Marvel comic books.
Production started in May 2007 and filming the series  in its entirety took a year and a half. Prior to creating these films, Roger King had never owned or operated a camcorder let alone worked solo on a movie project. King had to learn everything from directing to prop design.
The films are available free of charge online. The purpose of the films is twofold:
  1. The share his vision of Spiderman
  2. To use the films as a visual resume
Did I mention viewing is free? Check it out.