6 Jan 2010

The search for truth

I am becoming a cynic, just like the Captain. Much of this cynicism might have been influenced by the Captain himself, who often forces me to think beyond the borders, as it were. You readers have no idea of some of the royal arguments we have off this blog…. much on this blog pales in comparison.

I guess this cynicism came into play this morning when I saw a letter to the editor in the Newsday.

Much of the letter is irrelevant to the point I intend to make, so I will only quote applicable bits. The letter was written by one Simon Clement.

I feel the need to point out that the headline of the letter is quite misleading. The letter is not about the search for Noah’s Ark, but about the need for each of us to search out evidence and the truth for ourselves. Unfortunately, (in my opinion) the writer chose to liberally sprinkle his main argument with Biblical and other examples, thus squashing the objective he sought to focus on. The editors compounded the mistake with an idiotic headline.

That’s not the main point of my blog this morning though.

Mr Clement states:

What is interesting in that search for Noah's Ark is the dominant role of a male nurse anaesthetist named Ron Wyatt who became an amateur archaeologist, searched Koran and Bible amidst years of desk research, braved ethnic conflict and bullets from armed terrorists bent on kidnapping and murder, and organised a respected team of researchers who found the remains of an ancient three decked boat with 144 rooms/compartments and 13 stone anchors.

The truth exists. It may well be elusive to searches by one and all. Yet each diligent search involves the discovery of what is not true and this event and process eliminate some of the clutter hiding what is true.

He uses the example of the search for Noah’s Ark as one example of searching for the truth. I questioned the validity of this (I am always sceptical about Christian claims, no offence intended) so I went on to Google. Guess what?

Had he used Google (to search for the truth) he would have found out Ron Wyatt and his search for the Ark is a big hoax.

He proposes that each of us not rely on others to present us with the truth, but his very reckoning is misguided in that he himself did not do so. I am sure a better example would have strengthened his message immensely.

That being said, I add that I agree that we should question the information presented to us; all the lies, damn lies and statistics. Eternal vigilance!