31 Jan 2010

Stupidity kills

You heard it from me before and now the following story proves it – Newsday 2010-01-31 or Guardian 2010-01-31. (As usual the stories differ on some points).

Larry Bissoondath, aged 26, was shot dead by bandits – who he and other co-workers were pursuing, in actioning the daylight robbery of Anthony Khan, their boss.

Khan was robbed at gunpoint of jewelry, $1,200 cash, and a cellphone whilst at his business as it was about to be opened.

Of course, I am sorry for Bissoondath’s death, the young baby left behind, and its mother. However that is not my preoccupation on this occasion.

Khan reportedly said in Newsday, “He is a hero and that was the kind of person he was…He was one of my best workers and it really hurts me. I gave Larry a chance to work with me because he is good. He only recently became a father.

That is what I take issue with. Hero? Not in my books. He achieved nothing but getting dead after stopping a bullet in a pretty stupid way – and his surviving relatives in their quiet moments might also share that point of view – but not with the public.

So whuh yuh expec’ dee man tuh do?” – ah could hear some jackass askin’ meh. What I expec’ is dat he and his co-workers should not be so monumentally stupid, as to go chasing after a bullet that was likely to come from dee opposite direction and hit one o’ dem. Is dat clear enuff?

No – it eh clear yet, boy? Ok lehmeh explain it further – eef yuh go chasing after gun-totting bandits you kyan expec’ dem to fire bullet in yuh moddass!! Dee bullet is likely to hit yuh and yuh go end up dead. Is dat any clearer now? No? Well I give up.

And leh we suppose dat Bissoondath et al, did catch up wid dee bandits face-tuh-face, what dey doing nex’? Demand return of dee stolen items? Look, doh sen’ me in tuh orbit, when I jes come back to terra firma for a li’le bit, nah.

Dee moral o’ dee story fuh dee equally dohtish, is dat cellphone, cyash and jewellery are usually replaceable items – yuh blasted life and dee time you spen’ wid yuh famaly ain’t. Oh gord man – ah does have to explain every li’le t’ing to some ah dem dong dey.