27 Jan 2010

Tasting ah cutarse

I had an early morning appointment today so, although I saw the headline article of the Express, I could not comment on it till now.

There are a few things in that article which, to me, does not make much sense. I mean, is like putting ice cubes in yuh Pepsi while yuh sipping it sitting in an igloo in North Alaska…

Basdeo Panday claimed sabotage last night after boxes allegedly containing thousands of party membership cards were discovered hidden at the Rienzi Complex, Couva, headquarters.

Weren’t most of the executive members of the voting team on Bas’ slate? So the sabotage is internal from his own team members? How is this significant to the licks he get?

The membership cards were dated between 2005 and 2009.

Again, it’s his own supporting team members responsible for sending these out. If they did not do it for 4 years, how now can it be significant in the few weeks before elections? Most of these might have belonged to the 16,000 Ramnath turned away, people who might have reapplied since Ramnath was obviously up to some skulduggery.

Gopeesingh said 'people paid money expecting their membership card which were [sic] kept away', and the blame must be on 'the person responsible for ensuring the names were on the voters' list'.

Again, the cards were not kept away by Kamla’s, Ramesh’s or Jack’s teams.

He said the employee responsible for ensuring the approved membership cards were delivered to the applicants submitted a sick-leave certificate two weeks prior to the internal elections.

So, you gave one employee 2 weeks to distribute thousands of cards. If the employee was ill, how come another employee was not assigned to do the same thing in the same time as employee #1? Now you blaming other people, when again, it’s obvious its your own team people at fault.

Panday said the new membership cards would have had a significant impact on the results of last Sunday's internal elections.

No doubt. You might have gotten a cutarse at 20 to 1 instead of 10 to 1.

'We started finding them this afternoon and we just got another box. We got a tip-off. We are going to search the compound thoroughly, and I ensure that if there are any more cards, we will dig them out,' he said.

What’s the point? You already lost the elections, and any more cards found won’t affect the result. All it will do is prove how much more incompetent your cronies are, and how much more corrupt they were in trying to prevent people from voting.

I almost sure that these cards belonged to people who were deemed to be likely to vote AGAINST Bas.

Bharath believes the cards were deliberately withheld. ”These are thousands of cards. I don't know how they would have voted, but certainly, someone thought they would have voted for Mr Panday and maybe that's the reason they were not sent out,' he said.

An  argument can be made that they belonged to people who are supporters of Kamla and it was Bas’ team who suppressed them.

All I can think of is the ‘Bas lil boy syndrome’, you know the one where ‘if I cyah bat, I taking meh bat and ball and going home’.

This man behaves (at the age of 77) the way a little child would!