23 Feb 2010

Ah, land of the Blessed

Several things caught my attention this morning.

The first issue is Kelvin Ramnath’s attitude towards Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Some people can’t see the writing on the wall.

“Now that she has surreptitiously gathered support she has decided to call a meeting. I think that meeting is totally useless, I don’t see any value coming out from it.”

Now that his declared leader has been beaten like rice with a lathi, perhaps Ramnath ought to resign if he is not happy with his new leader.

In the same story, I was a bit mystified at another statement, this one coming from Vasant Bharath…

“Well the question is how do we allow Mr Panday, when he vacates his position, to exit gracefully?

Eh? Come again? After all his ‘dutty’ tricks and nastiness, how can Panday ‘exit gracefully’? He already made an international spectacle of himself by behaving like… well, I don’t want to insult the ass ‘cause truly, I never see an ass behaving like a Panday.

A family of 8 was attacked, 6 of whom were shot with 4 dying. One of those shot was a 4 years old girl. I wonder which gang she was in?

Of course, the man at the top, one Philbert had something to say:

“And those responsible will feel the full force of the law. We intend to pursue this vigorously. I mean this sort of thing is not expected in a civilised community at all. Not so at all!”

Allyuh criminals hear that? Allyuh will feel the full force of the law!

Uh huh… is like years we hearing that kinda talk, so much so it now have the same value as some used toilet paper… come to think of it, that’s about the same value Philbert and Martin Joseph have…

NALINI SINGH On the other hand, I have some good news… Coroner Nalini Singh once more ent making joke with corrupt police officers.

Last inquest she held, she issued warrants for the arrest of two crooked cops, although subsequently they were released on a technicality.

This time round at another inquest, ”[Israel] Khan sought to have DCP Reyes relieved so that he could continue 'fighting crime'.

Singh refused.”

To paraphrase one reader of the Guardian, this is what we get for superior moral and spiritual values…