2 Feb 2010

Conan the Barbarian lives!

Conan the Barbarian

This chap on the left is called Conan.

Like his more famous namesake, Conan the Barbarian, this young hooligan was arrested and charged for ‘acting up’ although I have to query the status of that charge…

It seems young Conan is the son of the Minister of Labour Rennie Dumas. Young Barbarian, I mean Conan, sought to bring ‘daddy’ into the mix when he was caught in a car with a drunk driver, and he used the famous words ‘Allyuh ent know who my fadder is?’ When will these people learn what a loaded question that is? No one but mammy ever knows Conan, and sometimes even she ent sure.

Poor fadder, raising a son who can’t stand up for himself. Sigh. Why can’t these youths make their own way in the world?

Anyway, son Conan was arrested for using obscene language and possibly (I forgot) resisting arrest.

Now, we only have to see the justice system, malleable as plasticine, being moulded to set him free. Any bets?