2 Feb 2010

Conficker – USD $250,000 reward.

It’s not a new cuss word..but it caused many to be shouting obscene language, including some at the Greater Manchester Police force here in England.

Conficker is worm virus. See: BBC News 2010-02-02. It’s so bad that Microsoft had put out a USD $250,000 reward for information leading to capture of its creator. See BBC 2009-02-13. Um.. errr.. notice dat was a year ago. So why should a whole police force be taken out a year later – seemingly without virus shield defences. There are several variants of Conficker.. read the ‘ficking’ story here: at Wikipedia/conficker.

Well it’s dee same ol’ story – I bet. Like many think it couldn’t happen to them, until it actually happens.

There are free and good antivirus defences out there. Nah.. doh even t’ink o’ arskin me, else is cuss! Yuh know wha’ ah going say.. wait for it.. here it comes – GOOGLE it!  Nah..I doh provide ‘fish’ .. but I might teach yuh how tuh fish.

I will say that I’ve been a fan of NOD32 for quite some time. Got it running on 4 of my computers. NOD has never failed me – and actually none of my computers have been infected with a virus for over 4 years.

For those who need it get a virus shield now!!