26 Feb 2010

It happened last night

Last night the oddest thing happened. In the middle of typing up some work, I lost electricity. No, the breakers did not trip… the entire neighbourhood lost power.

This happened twice.. the first time was about 9 PM and the second less than an hour later.

My computer shut down, so did one from which I was removing a virus. Lights went out in the lamppost outside and all the burglar alarms came on simultaneously. So did the dogs. (^_^)

This outage is not normal here. In the 7 plus years I’ve been here I experienced only one outage before this. That was about 4 years ago when some youths flung a burning tire into the power station.

Contrast this to Trinidad and Tobago where I know frequent outages still occur. So much so that the Regulated Industries Commission, (RIC) passed a mandate ordering T&TEC to refund customers for outages.

Nothing said about damaged appliances from those outages though. This is the next step I suppose – compensation for damage caused by outages and surges when the electricity returns.