14 Feb 2010

“My name is Khan…”

Okay, I am watching this film, switching between film and typing this… “My name is Khan” is a Bollywood film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

The story follows Khan, a Muslim man married to a Hindu woman. Khan is suffering from a form of autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, which gives him ‘intense preoccupation with a narrow subject, one-sided verbosity, and physical clumsiness’.

After the first 5 minutes of this film, my thoughts were, “Holy Shit! An Indian Forest Gump!” Only this one isn’t selling shrimp, he’s selling Mehnaz Beauty Products… 22 of them.

Not only is the story similar to Forest Gump, the film itself is done in a series of flashbacks just like the Forest Gump movie, while the lead character is narrating the story in the present time. 51 minutes into the film, there is still no change from the Forest Gump story. Well, more songs and more colour I suppose. (^_^) And imagine learning about sex from ‘Intercourse for Dumbos’.

I’ll leave it up to readers to watch the movie and see where the difference comes in.