27 Feb 2010

On names and spirits

When I was born, I had no name. I was, as is convention, conferred with one name (some people are ‘blessed’ with more than one). Some time after my birth, I was named by my relatives (parents, grandparents – I know not whom).

All my life I have carried the same name, being honest in all my related dealings. I do know however some people who have changed their names, by deed poll or marriage.

Many of these people whom I know who changed their names by deed poll were less than honest in some transaction, hence the name change.

So… given my experience on the background of names, I find it very suspicious that the Reverend Juliana Pena is ‘also known as Juliana Pierre Devenish’.

Why would someone like a reverend have an alias? I mean, did Anthony Pantin, former Archbishop have an alias? Does Gilbert? Does Sat Maharaj? Does Imbert-cile have an alias?

So what reason does the goodly Reverend have for protecting her identity? Oh wait, I forget. She is the prophetess behind the throne, so to speak.

Today, P**rick sought to defend her by going on an attack.

Declaring it was 'tantamount to religious persecution of the prime minister', PM Patrick Manning yesterday lashed out against those who were critical of his relationship with the Lighthouse of the Lord Jesus Christ Church and its leader, Juliana Pena.

Speaking on the issue of land grants:

Manning stated further it was not only the Full Gospel Movement but also the prime minister who was being subjected to this discrimination, bias and unfair treatment.

Discrimination, bias and unfair treatment to want an accounting of monies and State land used in a project that P**rick is so closely associate with?

He doesn’t seem to get the idea yet that it is not how he worships, or what he worships (some may insert money here) but the secrecy in which he shrouds his worship that is causing concern. And it is not only his worship… it’s the entire way he runs his Cabinet, the governance of the country and everything associated with the PNM autocracy. The lack of transparency is thicker than the silence around his son’s alleged gambling problem.

“Mr Speaker, the Constitution guarantees you freedom of association...freedom of religious beliefs, and everybody is free to pursue their beliefs...everybody is free to be advised as he or she sees fit spiritually, by whom he or she wishes,” he said.

Huh? “everybody is free to be advised as he or she sees fit spiritually, by whom he or she wishes”? I wonder how much this applies to a Prime Minister who runs the affairs of a nation based upon the spiritual values of a dubious prophetess. Since this advice affects 1.5 M persons roughly, the vast, vast majority who have little or NO FAITH in his prophetess, isn’t this just saying to the nation that Benny Hinn was right all along? That our Prime Minister is a ‘foolish man’? Well, dotish might be a better description but then again, I’d hate to apply it to a man lashed by spirits.

Again P**rick has put himself on record as saying that the Rev is not funded in her travels by the Government.

“Mr Speaker, where the head of that church goes is her business. It has nothing to do with us. When anybody travels at taxpayers’ expense, you need a Cabinet decision to do that.

’There is no Cabinet decision authorising any payment for the head of the Lighthouse of the Lord Jesus Christ to travel to any part of the world. There is no Cabinet decision, and, therefore, as head of the Cabinet, I am in a position to say that no State funds are involved in the following travel of the head of that church.”

The questions then that comes to mind are ‘where is the Reverend getting the money to travel’? Is it from her flock? If so, are they aware that the money is being used for self indulgent purposes? One may argue that there is no self indulgence – what other members of the flock travel with her, what is the purpose of her travels, how is the travel related to the Church… or is it related to the Prime Minister?

I just have to wait for the backlash to verify that he is once again a liar. Remember the lies about the ownership of the Draft Constitution? Remember the lies about the 60 room hotel in NAPA? Remember the lies about Philbert?

Keep in mind that this Christian gentleman is on record as wanting to bring back the death penalty by any mean possible. It might be too much to continue in this post but I wonder how this reflects his faith and Christianity and how does the prophetess fit in with this view of his.