13 Feb 2010


Tonight it suddenly hit me what it is about ‘presence’. As usual, I Iike to define w’at dee ass ah talkin’ about. By ‘presence’ I mean the observance of another, or the sense of being observed by others. Daize it.

I’m reflecting on how the world has changed and how we sense each other. I’m online a fair amount of the time either by mobile phone or laptop. Select others can see that ‘I’m there’ via Skype or Google Chat – and I can interact with them from thousands of miles away. Suddenly distance means nothing! All that matters is my existence, as represented by a ‘screen’.

My ‘presence’ suggests to others that 'I’m here’ in this world. And at this point – the only thought that comes to mind is ‘Let’s not stay in our separate worlds’!! Life is too short say hello and exchange a few words/thoughts.