24 Feb 2010

Seer-woman and other things - revealed

In an Express report (of a TV 6 investigation), P**rick’s mysterious seer woman is finally revealed. To me at least, though I am sure her identity must have been known to others for some time.

Juliana Pierre Devenish aka Reverend Juliana Pena is the spiritual adviser to Benny Hinn’s ‘foolish man’.

TV6 said it was told that the woman travels, at taxpayers' expense and afforded diplomatic courtesies, with the prime minister on foreign trips. She goes a day or two before Manning actually lands in his destination to determine whether the prime minister is spiritually safe, TV6 was informed.

TV6 said it was also told by insiders that she was commissioned to visit Zimbabwe last year as a special envoy of the Trinidad and Tobago Government, but this was never made public. Manning has, so far, refused to comment on this entire issue.

Amidst this revelation is the unsurprising news that P**rick commissioned a church to be built in Arima (coincidentally where the ‘Rev’ hails from) at a cost of $20 M.

New details have emerged about the mystery church being constructed in the Heights of Guanapo to which Prime Minister Patrick Manning has been linked but about which he remains so silent.

TV6 last night stated it had confirmed that controversial State-owned UDeCOTT is the State organisation hired by Prime Minister Patrick Manning himself to construct the multi-million-dollar mystery church…

TV6 investigations have found out that back in 2005, the project was conceptualised by the prime minister himself. Back then, he contracted UDeCOTT to execute design and engineering jobs.

TV6 News reported in its exposé of this apparent 'secret project' that the church is being constructed on State lands up in Arima.

According to sources, the projected cost of the project is close to $20 million.

Since P**rick revealed he wanted to be either a bus driver or a born-again pastor after his political career is over. It seems he has made up his mind now. Maybe he sees the way the wind is blowing, and is using State funds to secure his future while he is able. Or… maybe the church is a ‘payment’ to the ‘Rev’ for services rendered.

Either way, it is unbecoming of a ‘world leader’ (P**rick’s opinion of himself) to spend State funds on what is clearly a personal matter. Of course, it is also unbecoming for UDeCOTT to lie, but we get so accustomed to far greater dishonesty from those corners, a lil lie is nothing as we say.

Back then [2005, in case you forgot], he contracted UDeCOTT to execute design and engineering jobs. The UDeCOTT team, which was led by its controversial executive chairman Calder Hart, then hired two top, respected local firms to do these engineering and design works,’ the report stated.

UDeCOTT has, so far, denied that it’s behind the construction, but the company is yet to comment on its role regarding its commissioning of the design of the church.

By the way, I wonder how many people will accept preaching, the ‘word of God’, from a man proven on more than one occasion to be dishonest. Or will his ‘fame’ as a former Prime Minister bring in the masses? In event of the latter, all I can say is that people are more dotish than I thought possible.