10 Feb 2010

Shenanigans and Cons

Allyuh know how long some top Civil Service posts in Trinidad waiting to be filled right? Posts like Solicitor General, DPP for example.

Is not like if de Service Commissions ent find people yuh know. Dey recommend time and time again, but as allyuh know, the pseudo-Father of the Nation’ vetoed all recommendations. I still ent get that one as I really thought the Service Commissions were supposed to be insulated from political hooliganism/hijacking.

Anyway, I long suspected that these posts were to be filled by political conmen… or to be more precise, those who are in favour with P**rick… PNM supporters you might call them.

Well, I see this morning my thoughts have borne fruit, so to speak.

The posts of Solicitor General and Chief Parliamentary Counsel which have remained vacant for over four years were officially filled on Monday by attorneys Eleanor Donaldson-Honeywell and Ian McIntyre respectively.

Donaldson-Honeywell, daughter of former PNM vice-chairman John Donaldson, now holds the post of Solicitor General, while McIntyre holds the Chief Parliamentary Counsel post.

Their appointments come on the heels of a 2007 annual report of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC) which states the Solicitor General post remained vacant since February 20, 2006.

Manning had previously objected to the Commission's recommendation that Deputy Solicitor General Carol Hernandez be promoted to Solicitor General.

'The Commission has been unable to make an appointment to the post of Solicitor General which has been vacant since February, 20, 2006 as it is unable to secure the Prime Minister's agreement,' the report said. Chief Justice Ivor Archie is the Chairman of the JLSC.

The former Solicitor General was Lynette Stephenson, SC, who was appointed Ombudsman in 2006.

The Solicitor General heads the department which advises the State on all aspects of civil law. While the Chief Parliamentary Counsel heads the Legislative Drafting Department, which plays a critical role in the implementation of Government policy.

What do you want to bet the same thing happens to other top posts?