24 Feb 2010

Thank God it’s nearly Friday (TGINF)

What a week its been? New car, over 500 miles covered already, snow showers, crazy day at work today – and tomorrow (Thursday) they put in a state of the art security system here at home/office – the day is basically dead. So, like amma looking forward to the weekend IYKWIM.

It’s going to be a lot of work over here on Thursday.. the house will probably be a mess for dee better part of two days. The security system will catch anything that moves, send off alarms and trigger a rapid response police visit.

Well I think it’s worth the money – doh arks – i’s big money. But then again, I’ve become fed-up of worrying about the home/office when away on ‘assignments’. Oh and before the police arrive the whole flecking neighbourhood will be woken up by an ultra-powerful alarm system. Yeah.. dee Cyaptain doh make joke wid security.. in fact dee security company said that I put een double what they normally expect. I’ll leave it to yuh imagination.. yuh know laser sensors, motion detectors, booby traps and shit! LOL.

Hopefully they’ll be complete by Friday mid-day. Then I get to relax.

Ah mean is not nearly as bad as dong on dee Rock wid crime. Buh yuh see me – I eh able wid nobody breakin’ een meh place and jes gettin’ away wid it.

Police ova here have ‘vehicle’ an’ t’ing. And boy dem fellas does move. Dee odda day one ah dem wid dey blue lights flashin’, pass meh vooooshh!! Ah tell yuh dey musta been doing 140 easily. Ah mean I woz doing 70 mph and like dey left meh standing up! Now daize dee kinda response ah like. And when dey come rong.. tuh yuh house.. dey knocking out dee doors eef dey need to, eh. Dey have a big metal ting dey does swing and dat does buss out dee door one shot. Dis happen to my neighbour door.

So ah lookin’ forward tuh Friday too bad – i’s a toss up between gin and tonic and Hoegaarden.. man eef ah cyah decide…ah go jes have both oui!