28 Feb 2010

That expensive veto

It is common knowledge that the Prime Minister has vetoed key civil service appointments such as Solicitor General, DPP etc. No good reason has been put forward, a point I think the Constitution is in dire need of amending. Needless to say, this veto is proving to be very expensive to the Nation.

THE STATE was yesterday ordered to pay approximately $35 million in damages plus costs to a contractor after officials at the Ministry of Works and Transport and at the Office of the Attorney General botched a lawsuit brought by the contractor.

Chief Justice Ivor Archie, Justice of Appeal Wendell Kangaloo and Justice of Appeal Peter Jamadar ordered the State to pay $31.2 million plus interests after State lawyers failed to file paper work on time and in accordance with civil procedure rules.

However, Jamadar criticised the State for its handling of the case. "No explanation or no good explanation has really been given for any of these omissions," he said.

"The history of this matter...demonstrates that from the very inception, starting with the pre-action protocol letter, there have been several instances of non-compliance with the rules," he wrote.

"At every step along the way in this matter State attorneys were involved as described above. They must take some responsibility for the colossal disaster that has been chronicled in this matter. Moreover, the appellant (Office of the Attorney General) and the Ministry of Works must also take some responsibility.”

Note that the holder of the Office of Attorney General is ‘hatchet man’ JJ. Since he was brought back from London as a man who has a reputation for getting things done (only in prosecuting perceived UNC supporters?) I can only conclude that this may be a way to ‘pass money’ to a PNM supporter. Either that, or his office is really inept!