30 Mar 2010

Almost committed.. change, and death.

Well it’s such new world isn’t it? I was at my local garage getting some things done for my car. They set me up to allow me to do some work on my computer while waiting (expectedly about 1 hour).

So I get on to my computer and connect to the net (aka internet) – surf arong to Jumbie’s Watch etc then settle dong to do some number crunching on company invoices etc. Den a pardners Google Chat me and start telling me some unusual, surprising and hilarious story!! Well, I start to buss up laughin’ in dee people place! Ah mean ah was almost in tears man.

Den ah realise, ‘Oh shit people watchin’. Den mo’ of dis stuff coming through on Google Chat.. and like a cyah stop laughin’. Well we had to cut short dee conversation.. as I was sure dey was goin’ cart me of to the local nut house!

Well – I got home and continued the conversation on dee phone.. and ah tell yuh is a good ting ah was in meh house.. because if ah was still out dey.. dey definitely would have called dee men in coats for meh. LOL.

Anyways, now ah calm dong. Reflecting on all dis – its such a different world. I mean look at it, I’m in a local garage.. dee other person is gazillion miles away.. and we sharing such moments together. Daize why I does be so disappointed when people go “I’m not a Skype person..” or “I’m not an internet person”, “I doh have time fuh Facebook”, ‘My cellphone don’t have MSN”. Ah mean daize like saying 50 years ago “I is not a telephone person”, or 10 years ago.. “I’m not a laptop person”.. Come nah man.. i’s a blasted different world! All dem comments really is about expressions of inertia or frankomen laziness.

The nature of relationships/friendships.. how they are formed and maintained has been changing. There will always be dinosaurs who cannot adapt to new things and new ways. Thank the lord that there is a t’ing called ‘death’.. else dee world would be filled with these people who jes cannot change, and dey would get in dee bloody way of progress.

So to end on a sombre note.. death allows new ways of doing things to develop!