21 Mar 2010

At difference again!

Eh heh.. well I continue my fascination wid a certain confused Nation.. and the way that confusion is represented in media frontpages.


The facts of the frontpage:

- There is a headline about “50M bill .. for no work”.

- Something about the confusion surrounding funds for a Church.

- 3 Killed in police shoot out.

- And ‘Maloney couple shot dead’

And what’s an appropriate main photo for all dat?

Why surely some uman prancing arong, gleefully celebrating somt’ing or dee odda.

Doh tell meh, ah done know.. it doh bodda allyuh!!!

However, to me, it is a definite sign of a confused people.. confused about values, direction, and future…and drunkened by ‘religious opiates’, and other physical mind-altering substances.