20 Mar 2010

Beginning of the end?

Trinidad and Tobago has no ambassador/consular head in London. And the PNM is unravelling.

You might ask what is the link between these 2 different situations. I’ll tell you.

The ‘Fixer’, JJ was brought to Trinidad – hastily recalled if you may remember the stories – and assigned the role of covering the PNM’s arse. Keep in mind for all intents and purposes (due to its majority) the PNM is the Government.

At first JJ covered the collective arses of all the asses. Now however I notice a trend in which he is drifting away from the arse-licking that is required for PNM sycophants.

Case in point… certain people circulated the rumours that there is a minister with off-shore banks account. A minister who was thought to be and fired for being ‘barking mad’ as it were.

JJ now refutes this story (clearly began by his own colleagues) and drifts away from the collective mindless ‘follow the leader’ game that is part of the hive.

This is not the first time I notice this behaviour in JJ. Despite P**rick’s strong support of Hart, we saw JJ trying to ‘smooth’ things over by claiming a fictitious probe into Hart’s affairs since last year. While this may on the surface appear to be pouring oil on troubled waters, it is clearly at odds with the stories fed to us by other ministers and public relations specialists. Clearly at odds with the top dog’s continuous defence of Hart as well.

Of course, my question now is what’s JJ’s plan? Is he in reality defending the PNM to present a united front, despite open attacks by the PM on one of his own? Is he now looking to subtly bring down his leader and cannily edge for the position of chief dog? Not an impossible task. JJ might be fed up of waiting in the wings, and want to catch the top dog from behind while he is being attacked from all sides.

Or maybe he is cunningly assisting the main rival, known to be a fighting dog? All in all, I think the threads show a massive unravelling going on. This is one to keep an eye on.