16 Mar 2010

Call for all bloggers to unite!!

Ah vex oui! Look it’s been known for quite some time dat certain media houses dong on dee Rock have been partisan to certain political parties and figures.

I’m become now very suspicious of what’s going on after my experience at the Guardian website today. Jes now.. jes.. jes now!!

I post a comment on dis article: Manning declares war. Normally I expect to see the comment when logged in.. and a short time later it is made public to those who are not logged in. Well jes now when I posted, it eh show up at all!! Dat means clearly that dey blocking comments. Dey will say for ‘technical reasons’, or some inadvertent error, etc etc…But ah keep sayin’, I wasn’ born dis morning.

Right – dis means war!! Eeef dee priest could play who is we?!!! Manning declares war – so can we!

Today I say all bloggers out there to declare dey independence.. and now we on a mission for independence. Let’s unite and step up the campaign to expose the truth!

Power to all Bloggers!!! Gih dem pressshaaaahhhhhhhh!!!