5 Mar 2010

“Curb thy tongue”

Can a leopard change his spots?

No more than a current PNM politician can stop lying, it seems.

Remember when Calder Hart (I know he’s not a ‘politician’) said he wasn’t a relative or related to the directors of Sunway Corporation? This was supported in full by P**rick, and his short sidekick… Tattoo even went on record denying this. Even the issue of the fax number on the company’s letter being the same as Calder Hart’s was airily dismissed.

Now that the COP has revealed the birth and marriage certificates of the parties involved to support the statements of Carl Khan who is the former spouse (and ‘spurned lover’) of Sherine Hart, more shit has hit the fan. Everybody getting splattered it seems.

Avoidance of the mess now seems to be upper most on everyone’s minds.

Imagine the ‘mouthpiece of the Government’ is now in a state of denial… to be sure it is somewhat late and there are statements floating around the Internet and blogosphere that makes a liar of him.

Personally, his current statement also appears to be a lie:

'Let me repeat. I do not know these people. I have never met them. And therefore I cannot answer you.'

Honestly, how many readers believe this? Raise your hands… I don’t. Can you imagine a man, at ‘butt’ level of the Prime Minister, not ever meeting the ‘right’ hand of the PM at all those private and public functions? If ‘im tell meh ‘im butt never see de sun, meh quicker believe ‘im, wot wit all dem SUV and ting floating arong now.

Even were I to give him the benefit of the doubt, merely because I have no time to search out the proof of his tattle tales, I bet someone else will air it ere too long.

Ouch… I just had an image of the prophetess – pointing a finger from the pulpit of the new church – and saying, “Blasphemer, curb thy tongue!”