4 Mar 2010

The fall of the house of…

The fall of the house of the lion was expected. After years of selfish and arrogant behaviour that became more and more outlandish and comfy with the ‘parasitic oligarchy’, the population showed signs of increasing unrest. Finally, unable to bear it any more, the ‘hero worshippers’ cracked and booted out the aged lion in an unceremonious yet commendable display of unification.

Signs of unrest are showing too, for the ‘Father of the Nation’ who is a self-titled Christian (big C or not!). Daily, one can see more discomfort and shame over his behaviour, not only from ‘others’ in the population, but also from his own sect. Or should I say sects?

For Christians, political supporters, detractors alike are not only fed up with the status quo of maximum dictatorship leadership, they are so pissed off, they actually (gasp) voice their annoyance. In letters to the editors of newspapers (oddly, no response from I’m-a-Butt), in newspaper articles, in political commentary – even from former stalwarts – the die is cast… no more!

First the pillar that was Rowley was repeatedly pounded until it weakened, though it did not give way… it remains hanging by a thread. Perhaps knowledge that it barely holds up the house is all keeping it from being battered down to dust.

Then the pillar that is UDeCOTT is taking a beating from the outside… by the winds of change you may say. This is the one pillar fully exposed to  the harsh climatic conditions, and no amount of shoring up or defences put up around it can prevent the exposure from slowly beating and conquering it. Licks coming all the way from Malaysia and includes family and friends, would you believe?

Finally, the pillar of faith - I hope it is not the rock upon which the church is built - (sorry, I could not resist) is taking a beating that not even the best demolition team can match. The licks may have started in Parliament by Jack, but soon gave way to the Heights of Guanapo and even reached overseas, to places like Zimbabwe.

Yes, the changes are a-coming, even if those with prophetesses and “see-ah ‘oman” cannot see. Disgruntlement is giving way to disgust, annoyance to anger and pretty soon we may see the fall of the house of… P**rick.