22 Mar 2010

Friends rediscovered

There is a certain joy to rediscover old friendships, at least for me. Recently, a dear friend of mine, who leads a very high profile, high stressed life began to keep in touch with me more often. We have been friends for approximately 19 years, and in fact have kept in touch several times a year through emails, phone calls, letters, cards etc for all of this time. I’ve always sent ‘snail mail’ though. I think snail mail allows a person some relaxation, forcing them to sit and read and take a few minutes break, instead of rushing through an email and sending a one line response.

It was and is a pleasant surprise to be in touch more often now. Initially, due to the nature of my friend’s job, most of the contact was from my end, letters and short quick notes or phone calls to catch up. In the times I felt I needed some support, my friend has consistently been there though. Lately, my friend has made an effort to keep in contact more often, something which I am very pleased about. I’ve never thought of our friendship as being ‘one-way’, neither have I even remotely considered excising my friend from my life as I had to ruthlessly do to so many others.

If only more people were so considerate.