7 Mar 2010

A Hart attack

The unthinkable has happened. Calder Hart has resigned, not only from UDeCOTT, but also from ALL other State boards he was involved with. Word has it that though Hart resigned, it was an order 'from de top' that he does so within 24 hours.

This must be a shock to Hart, like a defibrillator passing a high voltage. 

Hart was a 'blue-eyed' boy, protected, nurtured, given a free pass to the PNM elite, the public coffers and inside the political and financial affairs of the nation.

Hart was invited to TnT by Andre Monteil, a former classmate of his. Monteil was treasurer of PNM. By bringing Hart into the fold, he ensured Hart’s meteoric rise to the top.

Over the years, Hart held top positions in many State enterprises, and was looked at as untouchable. He commanded the full support of the Prime Minister and P**rick Manning (the 2 being separate as you all know).

I don’t have the time, or the inclination, to go into the complaints about Hart and UDeCOTT, but suffice to say, there is a lot of jiggery-pokery… (British slang).

That caused a Commission of Enquiry, which was expanded by the PM to encompass ALL of the construction sector. Quite likely it was an attempt to mislead the public. In any event, revelations out of that CoE was startling, and the entire country must have been shocked.

Now that Hart’s sworn testimony, made under oath, appears to be perjury through the revealing of birth and marriage certificates of his wife’s relatives, he is suddenly persona non grata.

The newspapers have revealed that within 24 hours he was asked to resign, and within this time frame his wife and last child also left the country to Canada.

Now, this may not be the end of the story. He can still be held liable under several legal conditions, not the least of which would be lying under oath, and also under the Integrity Act. That is if Max ever gets his thumb out of his arse and appoints one.

More on this later, at the moment, I am happy taking in a few celebratory drinks. (^_^)