21 Mar 2010

Holy water, Crix and sardines

The clot thickens…

PM P**rick was stopped at the gate by an irate gentleman, but in true executive fashion, he pushed past the man and entered his property, likely committing trespass in the process.

In his own (schizophrenic?) defence, P**rick sought to justify his trespass.

Prime Minister Patrick Manning last night revealed that the 81-year-old pensioner from Real Street, San Juan, who attempted to deny him (the PM) entry onto his property, does not reside in Trinidad and Tobago.

I can’t fathom what the man’s nationality has to do with trespass. Neither does Roodal Moonilal:

‘Madam Deputy Speaker, he (the old man) could be a resident of Tokyo, if he is there and occupying there (the house) in whatever legal capacity and he tells you ’please don’t come in my property and you are trespassing, to go’. It is frightening that you would use immigration, the customs, the authority of the State to find out where this man living. This poor fella may now have to flee back to Canada before the winter finish.’

Now, it is likely P**rick used the afore mentioned state agencies to dig up info on the poor man. However, he denies this, therefore let us give him the benefit of the doubt here.

Manning rejoined that he did not have to use immigration or customs.

'I just have to use the machinery of the People's National Movement,' he declared.

Since the gentleman in question was actually born and bred in that house, worked in Ministry of Agriculture as a Cooperative Development Officer, it seems to me that the PNM machinery is not at all effective. Which could explain at last why the country is in the deep shit it is.

Evil Eye

The question of faith also raised its spectral head.

Re-enacting the form of the cross with his arms, Villafana said: ‘That sign is to ward off evil.’

I can see why poor Mr Villafana felt the need… I'd be bringing out out cross, rosary, holy water et al.

And if I  knew he was in the area, I’d be locked away inside with my Crix and sardines…