31 Mar 2010

How time flies

I started writing and venting shit on this blog so long ago, I self forget meh anniversary. March 7th (gone) made it 3 years this blog been around. That it stick around so long is testament to all de crap it have for me to rant about.

In dat time, I write about politics, technology, movies, music and just plain old everyday shit. After a while, depression started getting to me, over what seemed to be ah Island of lost souls, unwilling to learn from their past mistakes. Dey have notice of another general election coming up, and de results might just show that I am right again, dey love de status quo.

I made changes to the style, and even the layout of the blog, mainly to keep my sanity intact. I went thru 2 periods of serious illness, a relationship breakup, and met and left friends. The fair weather ones I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about, as the saying goes. As much as it pains me to say it (and even more to realise it), there had to be some ‘me’ time.

Punks has grown up… yesterday I ‘found’ a video of her cutting her birthday cake she was 7… such a little cutie wanting to cut out Barbie’s eyes and eat them! (^_^) Her new growing maturity and confidence saw her going to Trinidad solo last year. It also saw her giving me more advice (yesterday) such as “Dad, you need a book of ‘Thoughts and Confusions’” over my forgetfulness.

I hit middle age, but Punks’ view is different - “Dad, you’re over the hill, last year you were old.” Of course, I’ve gotten numerous promises to be cared for in my old age, but we’ll see how that goes… she’s yet to find her first crush to distract her from Dad. She still pesters me for a brother or sister but that’s out of the cards for the moment… unless there are volunteers out there… (^_~)

I’ve ‘met’ online bloggers who amuse me, stimulate me, and made me see things from a different view. Special mention to ‘Scene who keeps my heart young just from the amount of laughter I get from her views. I’ve tried to be fair to everyone’s views aired on this blog, except for the exceptionally dotish, of whom there have been one or two… there is only so much idiocy I can stand.

I hope to continue this blog for some time to come…