27 Mar 2010

How to know a duncey

Are we stupid or are we stupid? We must have the jokiest policemen in the world.

So the investigators went to Calder Hart’s home and came up empty-handed. What did they expect? That Hart would flee the country and leave evidence behind?So, AG John Jeremie, if Mr Hart knew since September 2009 that he was being investigated, why did you wait until March 24, 2010, to search his home? You think this big pretence of searching Hart’s home will fool anyone?

Do you also think that Hart would have left evidence at the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (UDeCOTT) before fleeing?How stupid do you think the population is? I can’t speak for others, but I see these actions as mamaguy, making us think you are serious about investigating Hart while pulling wool over our eyes.

A Charles, Mt Hope

And that Charles, is why they are better known as dunceys.