17 Mar 2010

‘I own yuh place.. outta dee way’

Well dis was dee attitude I saw in this YouTube video of Patrick Manning’ walk about in Barataria. Slide through to the 30 second mark you will see:


[Image hyperlinked from Guardian: Manning declares war 2010-03-16]

  1. A pensioner outside his property with his arms crossed
  2. Saying some words possibly to indicate ‘no entry’. Could anything be a clearer indication of ‘don’t come een here!’?
  3. Patrick Manning approaches the gate to the man’s house.
  4. Watches the man.
  5. Pushes past the man into his property in a blase manner – quite possibly an act of trespass, in legal terms.
  6. The man makes physical contact with Manning, to pull him back [not in an aggressive way] and  it is his right to do so.

We can’t hear what’s being exchanged between the two, but Newsday 2010-03-16 reported the 81 year old man saying, “You didn’t hear what I say? You not welcome here!” and that  ‘heavies’ responded “You cannot do that. You can’t touch the Prime Minister!”. Well you could imagine the tone in which dat was said. Notice how quickly the video clip is cut short – dem fellas have tuh worry ‘bout a personal visit from a disgusted PM – eh?

Well if the above isn’t an indication to you who readin’ dis, of disregard for the rights of a citizen and a degree of arrogance – get a brain transplant… quick.. quick quick!

Amazingly the media said [at 33-34 seconds into the video] that, “… the Prime Minister encountered some hostility..” and then shows the bit about the pensioner. I eh see ah 81 year old man being hostile. Because ah man have his arms up indicating and saying ‘you’re not welcome here’, dat is ‘hostility’? Come nah man. As ah said before, Dongkey Rockians can take anyt’ing anyhow.. .. as per my previous references to ‘allhowness’ being a part of dey culture.

I see the above as fair comment in the circumstances about the man who is a public figure and accountable to the electorate for his manner of conduct in public life (such as a walk-about).