11 Mar 2010

In defence of…

There is no denying the PNM is in some deep shit. A series of heavy blows in the past few months has the executive reeling in the corner, pulling out all stops to try and salvage what is proving to be messy, messy affairs.

Despite hiring highly paid, high profile communications specialists, the dung keeps rolling uphill at this point. Partly I suspect, because ministers do not listen to their advisers.

In any event, the cover up actually is so ineptly handled, details are revealed that bring on more questions, which in turn will keep the escalation constant I suspect.

For example, in ‘defending’ the ‘firing’ (forced resignation) of Calder Hart, JJ says:

'I gave certain advice to the prime minister on Friday and the resignation of Mr Hart was announced on Saturday. I don't know what took place between the advice I gave to the prime minister on Friday, but Mr Hart's resignation followed on the heels of that advice,'

He claims:

A CRIMINAL probe was quietly launched last September against Calder Hart, the former executive chairman of the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT).

The action was taken after UDeCOTT filed legal action to stall the Commission of Enquiry set up by Government to investigate the State enterprise and aspects of the construction sector.

Jeremie said the criminal probe was sanctioned by the Government.

This is a suspicious situation to say the least. Did Lindquist find out certain things that jeopardised the relationship between Hart and the PM, PNM? Would suspicion/criminal action have been necessary against the PM/PNM because of this relationship? Was this the real reason the Hart had to go?

It isn’t that I believe all is unwell, I just prefer to be assured that all is well.

So I wonder how much is Lindquist being paid to cover up the full extent of the shit that is inexorably drowning the PNM.