28 Mar 2010


Champs Fleurs resident Michael Parasram, 27, was discharged from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope on Wednesday after waiting two months for surgery to repair his broken right leg.

Michael said that two Thursdays ago a doctor told him surgery would be done on Monday and a plate put into his leg. However, on this day the same doctor said the bone had started to heal well and he did not want to interfere with it.

Seeing this article made me mad for two reasons. One, because I know this family personally. Two, the X-ray clearly shows that the doctor is either incompetent, talking out of his arse or both.


One of the major problems facing the health sector in Trinidad and Tobago is the lengthy and almost useless process to discipline doctors. Not that it does not exist, but as I mentioned before, doctors close ranks and the procedure gets nowhere.

Case in point: On Wednesday Newsday sent a query to the North Central Regional Health Authority about the case but there was no feedback available yesterday.

The Institution can’t even be bothered to respond!!

Sadly, I am thinking like the Captain, build that raft now!