19 Mar 2010

Making more changes

As we say in Trini language, “Meh arse bend!”

For the past several days, I’ve moved into a ‘new’ exercise routine. A friend from Chaguanas, Trinidad mentioned the P90x workout to me, and having never heard of it before, I went hunting on YouTube.

Since my late teenage years (with a few lapses of course) I’ve always enjoyed working out, so – liking what I saw – I wanted to try it. Working out gives me a different high.

The videos are extreme examples of what the P90x does.

The equipment is not expensive – I use a dumbbell set I’d bought last year, with an exercise bar (for chin ups) for £16.50 off Amazon.

I’d been meaning to start this in January but kept getting distracted by other stuff going on in my life… so I just kept up with the ‘old’ routines. For the past few days though, I’ve been ‘bringing it’ (catch phrase of the workout).

Yesterday’s workout, a pretty intensive kenpo routine, made me ache all over today. As I said ‘ meh arse bend’.  I’m not going to stop though. As I post this, I am moving into my chest and back/abs routine for today.