15 Mar 2010

The mysterious prophetess at last


Yesterday, the Express published a photo of the elusive prophetess, Rev Juliana Pena.

Now, the head in the foreground is not Bert from Sesame Street. It’s none other than the barbershop ‘wajank’.

Look, I only speculating here, eh. I mean, I never travel wid de oman, not de PM, nor P**rick for that matter (whichever one of the split personality he travels under). but she ent dat bad looking, and seeing Tanty Merle, I mean Hazel doh really stick close to he like dis oman, I wondering what de arse going on?

I ent saying dat politics have a morality of its own, neither dat yuh have to sleep wid de devil or de prophetess to get wot yuh want… but I, and ah sure many others, wondering what de arse going on?

Now ah looking at that picture and ah have to say all people calling de man ah ‘snake oil salesman’ ah thinking ah could see whey he get it from – cause if dat dress ent looking like a big snake skin ah go eat meh old enamel cup. Cause if he eh milking de snake ah have to wonder wot de arse going on?