16 Mar 2010

Not bathing for a week..

Well I was away last week on business and really was so swamped I couldn’t ketch up wid events. Besides I was trying my best to avoid wallowing in the ‘negativity’ going on dong on dee Rock.

Well dis story had to break my silence.. wait for it. A woman was so delighted wid a kiss dat she decided not to bathe for a week. Nah.. ah want to let yuh dong slowly into dis.

Any guesses so far who dee kiss was from? What part of the anatomy was kissed? Well unless you read the story here in TT Express 2010-03-16, you unlikely tuh know about it.

Moving from one upset uman to another, the second got a kiss on the hand from her exalted leader. Den she becomes ecstatic and says that she not bathing for a week.

Well yes – ah wasn’ born yesterday or dis morning – ah happen tuh know that it was a manner of speaking. But get behind dat.. leave dee wood and dee trees and go for the substrata: the reality below the ‘forest’ is dat people are so simple minded and stupid dat dey are easily made bazodee from dohtishness like a kiss on dee hand from dis very ‘powerful’ and ‘holy’ man. 

Eef I was a uman and he go to tuch meh han’ I pullin’ away meh hand and on dee advice of Benny Hinn, ah bawlin’ “Don’t touch me!! Nobody will lay hands me!!.. It’s a dangerous thing to let people lay hands on you!!”.