21 Mar 2010

Once a tief

Well, well, well…

My boy Shermie made the news again… and again in an unfavourable way. Once more, he has made the headlines over his less than honest financial matters. This time round, he has absconded from Canada without paying his medical bills.

Officials at the William Osler Health Centre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, told the Express McNicolls, who has been on medical leave since mid-December last year, received a specialised drug, Rituximab, last month, but despite efforts to have him settle the bill, it remains outstanding…/ Officials at the health centre said they visited McNicolls's home at Vanscot Drive in Brampton, but found the house vacant and were informed by neighbours that the Chief Magistrate had left the country.

Most of the commentators on the Express website seem sympathetic to McNicolls. I have no such qualms.

This is a man whose financial matters are open to public scrutiny because of the post he holds. He has been found wanting on more than one occasion.

His illness is incidental to the scam he is pulling here.

This story has nothing to do with his 'medical records' which are still confidential... he himself revealed his diagnosis. His financial matters are what is revealed and the revelation comes from the other party involved... is there a breach of confidence or privacy? I doubt it since the health centre is seeking assistance to locate the man to pay his outstanding bills… and they are merely stating why they are looking for him.

On February 17, the Privy Council ruled in favour of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, paving the way for two disciplinary charges to be laid against McNicolls for his failure to testify against former Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma on a criminal charge of attempting to pervert the course of public justice. The Privy Council also ruled that McNicolls bear the legal costs incurred by the commission in defending his lawsuit.

But even before the Privy Council gave its ruling, a decision had been taken by the commission, which is chaired by Archie, not to pursue the disciplinary charges against him. The State, the Express learned, will also not attempt to retrieve the legal costs from McNicolls.

More hogwash!! His deliberate scuttling of what was a crucial issue cannot be condoned for whatever reason/s. Illness or not, this matter should go forth. I cannot recall the same courtesy being extended to Sharma, who is still struggling to pay his legal bills. The PNM machinery is not supportive of him… only its political minion, McNicolls.

I don’t know about other people nah, but the phrase ‘Once a tief…’ comes to mind.