23 Mar 2010

Selling a dead donkey

Persad bought a donkey from Sonnyboy for $100. Sonnyboy agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.

Come morning, Sonnyboy drove up and said, "Sorry, I hah some bad news. The donkey dead las’ night."

"Well then, jess gee me meh money back."

"Cyah do that. I spend it already," replied Sonnyboy .

"OK then, jess unload the donkey."

"Wey you goin’ do?" asked Sonnyboy .

"I'm gwine raffle him off."

"Yuh can't raffle off ah dead donkey!" exclaimed Sonnyboy .

"Buh how! Watch meh."

A month later Sonnyboy met up with Persad and asked what happened with the dead donkey. "I raffle him off. I sell 500 tickets at $5 apiece and make ah profit of $2395."

"Nobody complain?" asked Sonnyboy .

"Jess the fella who win. I gee he back he $5."