18 Mar 2010

That’s insulting!

Say something long enough and the public will believe it.

Say it some more and you yourself will believe it.

We are in the latter stage where JJ, Tattoo et al actually believe themselves when they spill the idiotic line that a probe was started on Calder Hart last September.

I believe that like I believe there’s onions growing out of P**rick’s arse.

For one thing, this is too similar to the ‘assassination’ attempt on the life of the schizophrenic. Remember he had visions, not of 2020, but of 3:20 AM when someone tried to ‘peel off’ his security detail. Closer examination really told a different story.

The reality was an officer of the law saw a vehicle, unmarked with heavy tint, driving in a dangerous manner and sought to pull it over. He then found himself shafted as the PM, P**rick and the ‘Father of the Nation’ all ganged up on him and made ‘war’. Poor fella even lost his job for doing his job.

Back to this forensic probe. I recall the intention was finding a ‘missing $10M’ from the Cleaver Heights project to ‘get’ the Rottweiler. They ‘shook’ Lindquist on him.

All this time, Hart who was close to the PM’s heart, was allowed to carry on ‘business as usual’.

The Rottweiler, a volcanologist qualified in studying mud volcanoes and truckloads of materials in Tobago, must have hinted that when mud started to flow uphill is to run.

So the PM, P**rick and the ‘Father’ all decided to cut Hart loose. Up the creek without a paddle he appears to be shafted (with the paddle).

Still, the idea of a probe into Calder Hart since last September? In the words of an almost dead lion, “That’s insulting!”