26 Mar 2010

Those random thoughts

Yesterday was rainy. And windy. Reminded me of something I heard about April being the most miserable month of the year, something about April showers. Okay, we’re not into April yet but we’re close enough for it not to make a difference to English weather.

My friend Anil who went primary school with me once moaned that he left warm mud in Trinidad to tramp around in cold mud in Canada. I now understand what he meant by that. Even the rain is unfriendly.

Although the place is warming up slowly, it is in that in-between state that makes things a little uncomfortable… turning on the heating makes the house hot, but leaving it off makes the place too cold indoors. You have to set the timer just right. (For the record, I have an older heating system where the thermostat only comes on at a temperature I consider too high; 25°C).

Last night I was awakened at 2 AM because of one of those people calling State Bank of India. My phone number is very close to the bank’s. Can you picture that Indian accent coming through at 2 AM? Grrr.. I picture the bobbing heads that accompany the accent and tack a moustache on to a male upper lip and there goes my night’s sleep. What’s up with Indian men and the need for a big brushy moustache? Mind you, it hardly ever looks good…

I am currently starting my next assignment so I’m out of here… I’ll soon be back to posting more crap from the news…