23 Mar 2010



This letter is directed to the San Juan pensioner. The man that you tried to bar from entering your yard some days ago, may spend millions of dollars to hire Lindquist, to find out when last you travelled, and if you paid the $20 duty on the extra bottle of JW Black, you may have brought back, just to pull a paper from his back pocket, to let the Parliament know that you have breached the laws of the land, and cause Saucy Sow, who sits behind him to thump on the desk (I don't know how that eh break, yet).

Let them know that the name Villafana, has been renowned, and held in high esteem on San Juan hill, along with the Ollivierres, Pinards, Alcantaras, Awongs, to name a few.

I too, last week, had the cause to chase a man called Huggins, who supposedly came from the office of the MP for St Joseph, to speak to me about a fax that I sent to the MP, in response to a flyer that was left in my mail box, stating that the MP passed by on a friendly visit, and missed speaking to me.

I stated in the fax, that I would have told him to his face, that even though I supported the PNM party from its inception, and became a party member over a year ago, I would never vote PNM, unless both Mannings, and all of the present members of the Government, do not offer themselves as representatives of the people.

H Hannibal