21 Mar 2010

What are we scared of?

I’m often surprised by the things I come across on Google Search. Google offers up common things people are searching for by region. So here in the UK, at 14:00 2010-03-21 people were most scared about the following things. See screenshot below.

Well I didn’t expect ‘Chinese people’ to popup at top of the list. And ‘falling in love’ – gosh I didn’t think that was scary for so many people!

So share with us your not-so-secret fears. What things are you scared of? 

Ok.. I’ll get the ball rolling. I’m scared of going mad. Why? Because I’ve seen lots of psychotic people and it’s scary, because they don’t know they’re mad. They think everybody else is mad.

I’m mean falling in love is scary I must admit, because it’s a kind of ‘madness’. But I wouldn’t say it’s my biggest fear.