9 Mar 2010

The will of the people

What is all this uproar over the refusal of Mr Panday and Mr Ramnath to support Ms Persad-Bissessar's motion in the Parliament to have the Hart/Udecott issue debated as a matter of 'urgent national importance''? Why all the fuss? These men should be given the highest national awards for their effective and exemplary representation of the will of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Let all and sundry take note here that the Members of Parliament are elected to represent the will of the people who elected them. And what is the will of the people of Trinidad and Tobago? Clearly, anyone who knows we Trinis can tell you that our will is evident by our complacency, neutrality, inaction, political indolence, and refusal to hold leaders accountable to us who ought to be the real government.

It is our will that leaders do us whatever they want while we complain, grumble and murmur to ourselves and amongst ourselves but never ever rise up in protest and drive them out of office!

Mr Ramnath and Mr. Panday refused to act at a time of national crisis, which is exactly what we the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are known the world over for.

So when elected leaders behave in the way Panday and Ramnath did we should just shut up and sit down because that is exactly what we the citizens do when it's our turn to take action and hold the government accountable. So give the brothers a break! They were just acting out the will of the people.

Dave McKenzie