11 Apr 2010

Calder Hart – to be arrested or not?

[Cross posted from http://www.kangkalang.com with permission]

Well the Guardian 2010-04-11 reported that Hart flew into Dongkey Rock last night – and was quickly dealt with so as to avoid spotlights.

We must recall the shouting for Hart’s arrest before and immediately after he dus’ it from the Rock. Ah hope allyuh eh forget a’ready. And then we had JJ et all saying dat dee man has committed no crime, and that he was reachable if necessary. Then it became a mystery as to Hart’s whereabouts. One minute he was in the UK and then another minute he was in America – boy dis man moves fas’ eh?

Den there was worries that dey couldn’ actually find him, but a few days ago rumour broke that Hart would be back on the Rock – and low and behold he just drops in!

And look jes when he ‘chooses’ to drop in. Chooses? Really? What he dong here fuh more pinacoladas, or he forget some ah his prized underwear in bottom drawer somewhere? Come nah man – allyuh makin’ fun now. Dee heat of an election is upon us! Mr Manning has avoided some serious embarassment in a vote of no-confidence debate – searching questions about why and how he defended Hart and UDECOTT some 50 times. Dis is no easy time. So to suggest dat Hart dong here for a fun time is really to play wid dee matter.

History will unfold on this as it must. The leadership – the PNM leadership is in crisis. Dey and dey supporters have to – and they will use Hart as either chaff or their ticket back into power – because pardners eef dey don’t and eef dey don’t make a meal of it, dey going dong big time.

So wid all dat in mind – and after reading some of Getting Hold of Hart (Express 2010-04-06) – I’m convinced that there is a high probability that Hart will be arrested! Dey jes cyah sit still and let him go free dis time.. dere will be riots in the streets if dat happens.. so arrest it is. But have your vote below, or give us your responses.

Calder Hart will be arrested this time around?