24 Apr 2010

The Captain’s Roti Shop

Well dee Cyaptain has been thinking hard about opening ah Roti shop.. Jumbie eh doin’ nuthing.. because he going dong tuh open he own shop (ah imagine) – so. (^_~)

Below is a rough idea of the planning.. of course we cyah give out all details of the work. However, this is an invitation for anybody out dey to share ideas on such a shop in a collaborative way.

Readers can click on the pencil icon (bottom left) and contribute ideas directly on the map. It real easy. Doh worry about messing up the map.. the online system will keep copies of everything, automatically. Readers can actually revisit this page or the entire map to see how it is being changed by other collaborators and visitors.

Doh send me responses on what tuh do wid dee shop.. do it on dee map. Yuh go see – fuh spite somebody bong tuh send blog responses – watch.

Mindmeister is a great online collaboration tool. Documents can be attached. Hyperlinks can be created etc etc.

It’s personally recommended by the Cyaptain for all entrepreneurs.