5 Apr 2010

The challenge (^_^)


I have been reading magazines, looking at talk shows and talking with many friends and relatives and the general concensus [sic] for many countries and ours, seems to be that finding a real decent man is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Why is it so difficult these days to meet a man who is not gay, a liar, promiscuous, a drinker, a smoker, a loser, a deadbeat father, ex convict, a spranger, a village ram?

Imagine that I met someone recently who is in his thirties, doing well career wise, single and was never married, only to realise that on the second date, he is already expecting sex and we hardly know one another! He is as handsome as ever but good grief, on the second date!

Worse yet, in these times, a woman should not even make the mistake it seems to mention that she wants to wait until after marriage to have sex, men are not tolerant of that at all, not even some Christian males who should know better. Sampling now is mandatory since no one is buying “cat in bag”!

Is it something in our water supply or the beers that they drink? I don’t know but too many women from the age of 25 and above are complaining and lamenting that they are not seeing or finding many of the type of men that would make good descent Christian (or otherwise) fathers out there. Some men are not even willing to be a hunter any more but rather be hunted. Worse yet, many younger men are now looking for older women who could mind them. What are we teaching our men nowadays?

Apart from that, we have many men who appear to be good and descent but are secretly having many affairs or swinging their golf clubs all over the place! Maybe I better leave Trinidad and try another Caribbean country for better luck!

Y Sam