11 Apr 2010

De money done!!

The only reason that there is going to be an election now is because all the money really done. And to confirm this, the Government is owing over $20 million to the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (TSTT).

At the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) a circular went out, instructing that no external lecturers be hired and all lecturers need to take up the slack. Additionally, there has been a freeze on new hiring. Contractors are not getting paid.

So, Mr Prime Minister, your secret is out: the money done, but it's our fault. I have always said the greatest problem the People's National Movement has is that when it has money in its hands, it never knows what to do with it.

Summits, big buildings (unoccupied), the Tarouba tsunami shelter (this will make the Piarco Airport look like a walk in the park), rapid rail, smelters, Mr and Mrs Hart and donations to other Caribbean countries are the order of the day with this Government. Feels like déjà-vu(when Williams was in power), ent?

I have a feeling Mr Manning does not want to be re-elected because he knows the Treasury is dry. After all, he was warned about the almost crazy spending. But then again, there are those among us who prefer to drink drain water and still vote for the PNM. They might very well have to drink drain water again, because the Government doesn't have a clue how to solve the water problem.

But Mr Boom Boom, the man who appears only when there is an oil boom, has disappeared. So, for me, that confirms the money really done.

Elaine Peters