7 Apr 2010

The Hydra’s poisoned bite


After much public outcry, and clear evidence into a runaway and uncontrollable entity, the Government finally sacked the board of UDeCOTT. Those remaining members who haven’t yet absconded that is.

But… they still out to get Rowley!

…Manning had asked his former housing minister Dr Keith Rowley, ’Where the money gone?’. The Commission found no evidence of a missing $10 million. But, Jeremie noted, ’it was apparent from the Report...that in 2006 NHIC deliberately adjusted the contract sum for the project in its favour in the amount of $10 million. One may well conclude quite reasonably that if the Honourable Prime Minister had not alerted the national community to the discrepancies in the prices on this project and caused an enquiry to be held into this project, NHIC could easily have walked away with an extra $10 million upon completion of the project, to which it would not have been entitled.

Jeremie said, in response to questions on whether Diego Martin West MP Keith Rowley was vindicated, ’I don’t see how anyone who is connected in any way to Cleaver Heights can claim to be vindicated’.

Look at the highlighted words… there has already been 3 probes/investigations into the Cleaver Heights project. This will be a fourth. None found evidence linking Rowley to any mischief. There is no evidence that NHIC adjusting the price would lead to evidence that Rowley is to blame…

Still, a few ideas crop into my head. Is this zeal to get Rowley really that important to P**rick? He seems to be risking his entire political career to overthrow, or throw out, one man. Maybe Rowley is the only serious challenger to the throne, hence the need to cut him loose before elections.

On the other hand, this overzealousness is way in odds with UDeCOTT. While 3 investigations have cleared one man, and there’s further mischief afoot to get him, I can only conclude P**rick’s in some sort of personal revenge mode or something. UDeCOTT meanwhile, has evidence of corruption, cronyism and nepotism yet no investigation is done into the shenanigans of Hart or the other Board members. Sure, they’ve been fired. So has Rowley.

Noting that the Commission did not recommend any further enquiry into Cleaver Heights, Rowley said: ’I have absolutely no doubt that there is an agenda behind this...This trying to find what does not exist, is so that it can be used against me (as a candidate). Remember in the 2007 elections, when the Integrity Commission behaviour was directly against me, so that I would be an unviable candidate because I was supposed to have been on a trumped up charge, when the last screening took place. Now we are supposed to be going to the polls again and it is happening again. There are people in the PNM who have decided that they would determine what should and shouldn’t happen to me, regardless of what I do. So if I am not a thief they would make me a thief. If I am honest, they would make me dishonest’.

Yet while Rowley is still in the hot seat, the UDeCOTT Board seems to have escaped with millions in loot.

This Government's agenda appears to be one of paranoia and even of schizophrenia. That should not be surprising, considering who leads and directs the head of the Hydra.

I can’t wait to see how this one plays out…