28 Apr 2010

The issues live

The home front is very heated… there are issues on the campaign for election that are not even being aired. I admit, I am somewhat confused. The Opposition, coalition or not, had practically been handed these issues on a golden platter, and yet choose to ignore them totally. No mention is made of the Opposition mentioning them on public platforms.

Someone argued that Kamla is pulling an Obama style election and not stooping to the lower levels the PNM is known for. That is a whole lot of hogwash. You can be gentlemanly or ladylike and still raise the issues without picong and mudslinging.

Issues like Calder Hart and UDeCOTT, UTT and the gravy train that passed through Ken Julien’s hands, the bias and discrimination of P**rick verified not once but 4 times by the Privy Council, the failure to comply with laws of the country (appointing various bodies like the Integrity Commission, Firearms Appeal Board, Rent Assessment Board etc), the insane use of veto to deny appointing people to key positions like Solicitor general etc.

Then there were the Monteil issue, the Sherman McNicolls issue, the CoP issue, the dodgy basketball league issue… I get tired thinking about all the ‘issues’.

One need not sink to slinging stones to remind the population of why the entire country needs and wants change, why ‘Kamlamania’ is gaining ground…

This is a PR person’s dream situation.. let’s hope that someone comes to realisation soon and take advantage of it… for the good of the country.