6 Apr 2010

Jack Warner – cream or crap?

When Jack Warner joined the UNC, his star rose… along with his already fat bank accounts. I don’t need to document the ways and means here, Andrew Jennings and YouTube already have a fat file on him.

Suffice to say, the ticket selling fiasco that came about for the World Cup comes to mind (as does some outrage) and also the concession sales for the cricket… in both cases his sons were given the ‘contracts’… a backhanded way to siphon millions of dollars.

Let us not forget that the money due to the Soca Warriors since 2006 is still outstanding and unpaid, even after being ordered to pay the team by a London arbitrator…

As the Sunday Herald reported on 30th November 2008 on Om Lalla, Warner’s lawyer:

Mr Lalla is a member of Ely Place Chambers in London, a director of Trinidad’s Professional Football League and sits next to Jack Warner hearing appeals at the T&TFF.

As if all this didn’t keep him busy, Mr Lalla is an Arbitrator at the Lausanne-based Court of Arbitration in Sport.

His client [Jack Warner] doesn’t appear to have had any contact with truth during his entire 65 years.

Yet, due to his illegally obtained millions, Warner is now a current ‘star’ in the local political landscape and is viewed as some sort of saviour. I suppose my one consolation is that he will never be a party leader and hence Prime Minister. My fear is that the thievery will become even more rampant should the UNC win, and he is appointed to a ‘special’ position as befits a senior member and financier.

Yes, the people are disgusted about Manning and the PNM. They see no alternative but the rising hope in Kamla Persad-Bissessar, a woman who is likened to an abusive housewife and who stays the course despite the ‘licks’, and who proudly boasts of Bissessar’s ‘pipe’.

Yet she is saddled with both Warner and neemakharam extraordinaire, Basdeo Panday. If she does not rid herself of these men, her star may fizzle quicker than Manning’s.